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Kristina- owner, stylist, & colorist 

With 14 years of industry experience, Kristina has always placed her passion for excellence above settling for mediocracy. 


Having the mind of an enterapenuer and eyes of an artist, having a salon of her own is a DREAM. She started her career in Yuba City and then ventured to the east coast to fulfill an intensive assistant training program at a well known salon. 

After returning to California, Kristina spent two years working with and training under celebrity stylist Melissa Stone from Beverly Hills, and Sassoon educator, Jason Hunt. Working under these two artists inspired her to raise the bar, and continue to pursue her education to a greater level. This lead to going to Europe to study under UK barber Dale Ted Watkins, Dove Palmer, and French stylist JB Mazella, She believes that education is never ending, ever evolving, and infinitly valuable. Whether you are coming to see her for a simple, yet precise haircut, or a creative transformation, she will make sure you leave feeling like your hair is telling your story; who you are, or who you want to become.
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